The ComputerPlan suite consists of the following modules:

General Ledger Multiple entity structured chart
Accounts payable Full creditors control functionality
Accounts receivable Take control of your debtors
Job costing Designed for maximum flexibility
Purchasing A powerful procurement system
Sales order processing Designed to be flexible
Sales statistics A very powerful sales statistical reporting facility
Payroll Salaries and wages with full costing
Personnel Fully integrated to Payroll
Inventory control A comprehensive stock system
Plant register Fixed Asset system with lease and HP calculations
Machine maintenance Track the service requirements
Manufacturing Designed for high volume poly product manufacture
Report generator An intrinsic component of the system design




Report Generator

An intrinsic component of the design of the new ComputerPlan is the Report Generator, a reporting system which is designed to be used with all modules.

A  complete data dictionary created for the full set of application data files.

Reports may be created and run immediately or integrated into application menus and run periodically as if they are part of the application.

Reports may be written by any person in the organisation with an approved access level, and may be displayed, directed to a printer, or written to a disk file.

Many of the standard reports which are now part of ComputerPlan have been developed, and are controlled, by the Report Generator.



General Ledger

Highly flexible multiple entity chart of accounts structures, with automatic consolidations.

Account balances and transactions can be held on-line for up to 100 years within the same ledger.

Future budgets, balances and transactions can be processed.

Standing journals and accruals facilities.

High speed transaction enquiry by period and year.

Chart of accounts restructuring tools.

Facility to re-update prior years balances into the following year's opening balances at any time.

Trial Balance reporting is very flexible, including on-screen display.

Comprehensive report writing sub-system for production of complex financial reports.



Accounts Payable

Full creditors control functionality. This sub system is easy to use and gives your company complete control over creditor and miscellaneous payments.  Transaction posting programs have been developed to improve speed, presentation, and information capture.

Historical transactions retained on-line ad infinitum for subsequent reference.

Completely new cheque processing sub-system.

Supplier balances, aging and GST reporting.

Supplier notes

Cheque printing, with or without attached remittance.

Bank file interface for direct debits ( for companies with online banking facilities)

Print, email or fax remittance advices direct.

Process invoices and payments in current and future financial periods.



Accounts Receivable

Take control of your debtors with this comprehensive subsystem. Fully integrated with the General Ledger, Sales and Statistical reporting system.

All posting screens are designed to improve speed, presentation, and information capture.

Historical transactions retained on-line ad infinitum for future reference.

Invoice and credit note printing for products and services.

Statements, Aged debtors, Stop list,  Overdue accounts reporting

Turnover this year, Last year, Prior year

Reporting by Areas, Locations, Categories (market segments)

Debtors notes for recording customer relation or sales information.



Job Costing

The Job Cost system is now designed for maximum flexibility with regard to differing company requirements.  The Job (6 character) Phase (3 characters) and Sub Phase (3 characters) codes are alphanumeric to accommodate all user's coding requirements.

Up to nine cost elements can be specified relating to each Phase/Sub Phase combination.

Reporting to any level at user specified detail.

Accounts Payable interface for gathering invoice information on material or service costs.

Payroll interface to pass labour costs on a daily basis.

Accounts Receivable interface for the processing of progress claims invoices.

User specified, element level on-costs, if required.

Journal entry transactions can be posted via transaction posting if adjustments or additional entries are required.

Processing of labour transactions, non payroll related (e.g. subcontractors & consultants).

Enquiry at all levels including current financial status.

Purchase orders, processing committed costs for each job.

Work in progress report or direct interface to General ledger.



Inventory Control

A comprehensive stock system with all the facilities required to control one of your largest assets. This system has been designed to cater for most warehousing businesses that need to track product details accurately to properly manage inventory levels.

Multi location controls and reporting.

Large alphanumeric product code if required  (12 character standard, 16 characters available)

Movement analysis, Turnover and valuation reporting.

Recommended reorder reporting by location.

Stock-taking sub-system. Cyclical or monthly.

Enhanced product enquiry facilities.

Stock movement transactions retained on file indefinitely.

Categories products by group or type

Integrates to Purchasing system

FIFO costing actual and standard cost

Inventory movements kept online indefinitely

Detailed delivery information

Fully integrates to the sales and Manufacturing systems

Comprehensive reporting for stock take and location control

APN Barcodes and alias product codes available.




A completely new system for the controlling of the purchase order cycle for the procurement of both goods and services, from ordering through goods receipting to final invoicing.  Recently re- developed to allow purchasing for stock, jobs ( if a Job costing interface exists) and direct expense items makes this a powerful purchasing tool. 

Foreign currency facilities.

Internal controls for authorisation of purchases

Print/Re-print facilities

Direct faxing or emailing of orders   (UNIX servers using VSIFAX only)

Outstanding and Accrued orders reports.

Purchasing accruals allow early close of creditors EOM.

Supplier product cross referencing

Laser form stationary.

Unlimited order lines per order.

Unlimited description per order line.



Sales Order Processing

The ComputerPlan Order Entry System is designed to be flexible enough to satisfy the requirements of the majority of sales ordering environments.

Order entry itself is suitable for the processing of telephone and over-the-counter orders, as well as for the input of batches of orders received in the post.  Extensive search and display facilities are available for the identification of both customers and products.  On-line credit checks are carried out and stock availability and pricing information are also made available during entry.

Discount rates may be applied by customer or by product.

Override facilities are available on price, discount rate, discount amount or total line value.

Discounts may also be applied to the order as a whole.

Override delivery address may be applied to 'this order only'

Special instructions and invoice comments

Back and forward orders

Comprehensive enquiry

Amendment and reporting facilities are provided

Audit reports

Report for orders awaiting credit approval

Back orders and forward orders reports

Automatic or manual stock allocation

Picking lists.

Comprehensive price file sub system

Laser Sales Invoice and Credit note printing



Sales statistics

The Sales order processing system has a very  powerful sales statistical reporting facility that covers all aspects of sales analysis.  There are too many reports to list, but here are a few standard report types;

Customer/Product MTD and YTD sales

Product/Customer MTD anfd YTD sales

Type/Group and Group/Type sales

Customer/Product actual verses Budgeted sales

Product/Customer actual verses Budgeted sales

This year/Last year comparison sales

3 year comparisons.

Top X customers

Full budgeting sub system provided

Set budget by Group or product.

Budget reports by Company, Customer, Rep, Group or Product



This fully featured payroll provides maintenance and control of the preparation and payment of salaries and wages with full cost dissection. This module has full enquiry facilities and includes reports on workers compensation, accruals and departmental analysis, together with normal reporting requirements.

Weekly, fortnightly and monthly pay periods.

Multiple pay slips per pay period.

Batching allows for full pay runs or for just a single employee.

Fast data entry options.

Unlimited hours types and additions/deductions per employee.

Automatic pay with provision for public holidays.

Annual, sick and long service leave entitlement calculations.

General Ledger and Job Costing interfaces.

Detailed history files including envelope history

Month to date and Year to date paid hours analysis.

Entitlement reports.

Employee detail reports.

Superannuation reports.

Payment Summaries to latest Tax office standards.

Direct banking via diskette or modem transfer.

Pay envelopes or slips.

Child maintenance deductions supported.




This system is fully integrated to Payroll. Will adapt to most industry types for the management of Personnel data. This system is essentially a predefined database of information needed to be kept on file for current, past and future employees.

Personnel integrates with ComputerPlan payroll ensuring no duplicate information.

The system can be tailored by the user to use site specific codes and dialogue

Caters for all aspects of the construction and earthmoving industry.

Uses data dictionary for all inquiry and report queries.

Powerful inquiry search and print facility.

Fast entry of employee assessment details on transfer or termination.

Details kept for each person on the register

  • Work history

  • Employment application

  • Site history

  • Workers Compensation

  • Work performance

  • Industrial relations

  • Qualifications/Tickets

  • Equipment experience

  • Medical & Security clearances

  • Training accreditations

  • Disciplinary action

  • Current payroll details

The personnel register can hold records for the following types of employee

  • Prospects

  • Currently employed wages and salaried employees

  • Terminated employees

  • Not suitable for re-employment.

No restriction on the number of personnel the system can store.

Inbuilt security, with the ability to tailor the information each user sees.



 Plant and Equipment  

This is a Fixed Asset system with the added features that a plant register provides, with relevant descriptive and financial information.

All assets can belong to a plant group and a sub location related to a major location, and a finance group. Finance groups can have their own set of provision, realisation, expense, capital gain, bank and liability accounts.  Depending on their status, Owned, Leased, or HP, all the required GL accounts are setup in the finance group file.

The system will keep separate sets of figures for Book and Tax details

Depreciation of owned Assets and Amortisation of leased Assets.

Both Prime Cost and Diminishing Value depreciation methods with override rate schedules.

Depreciate by hours worked for machines.

Book depreciation and Amortisation is calculated at the end of each period and Tax depreciation at the end of the year.

The system provides the ability to revalue Assets in any given period. If a General Ledger interface exists, the appropriate adjusting journal entries are posted.

Full audit reports are provided in the form of Additions reports, Disposal reports , Depreciation Schedules and Lease Payment schedules.

Comprehensive finance document details can be kept and maintained for all Leased or Hire purchase agreements.  All details relating to monthly payments and interest charges and important dates are well reported.

Assets in the plant master file can be reported on by Plant code, Sub location, Finance group, Plant group, and Finance document.

Generation of web based plant information for Sales/Marketing.

Store all information on non-depreciating plant items for full inventory control.

Budgetary plant items can be added for financial projections.



Machine maintenance

This subsystem of Plant and equipment has been designed to track the service requirements of equipment in the Register.

Service details of Major and Minor components

Hire rates of equipment

Cyclic reporting of maintenance




Built-in processes include Extrusion, Printing, Laminating, Perforating, Slitting, Rewinding and Converting.   This system is designed for a high volume of product manufacture with a mix of new , repeat and alteration work.   Jobs are estimated and costed at the latest standard cost for raw material components.  Labor, machine and other overheads are costed in using a machine hourly rate.  A powerful enquiry system is included to track the jobs progress through each department. Performance reporting is available to measure on a job-by-job basis, the jobs progress against the pre-determined standards used to estimate the original job.

Central specification database

Manufacturing Orders with specification published to each department

Specification enquiry & print facility

Single number job reference

Scheduling facility

Material Requirements Planning reports

Estimating/costing facility

Daily timesheet entry

Lost time reports

Departmental jobs analysis

Performance reports

Packing and Core labels